UPDATE… 2016

My mission while traveling was to rediscover the things that energise and motivate me and it worked. I’ve changed my career and spend my days working on things I think are fulfilling and important. I feel like I’m living as a more authentic version of myself now, having discovered more about who I am and most importantly how I want to spend my energy.

Number ONE… being a mum, I see this as my most important role, helping an incredible little person with big potential to be all that she can be.

Number TWO… trying my best to leave a positive imprint in the world and basically ‘just’ be a good human. With the motivation of my late sister always in mind, Ghandi’s words, “My life is my message to the world” inspires me to think about what my life says. Which brings me onto my new vocation.

Number THREE… Running Yoga and Massage classes for parents, babies, toddlers and pregnant women, to help smooth this transitional phase for families. “Peace on Earth begins at birth” I really resonate with these wise words and I can honestly say that after years of searching I’ve found something to spend my days doing that I love. It’s positive work and I feel lucky to be doing it.

Where I was in 2013

I’m Zoe, a first time back packer from Bristol, looking forward to sharing my adventures with you! After a tumultuous 2013, full of many ups and downs, the ‘downs’ being changes in jobs, redundancy and a non existent work life balance. The ‘ups’ being festivals, some trips abroad which wet my appetite to explore and of course being proposed to by the most amazing person I know! All of which helped me and my fiance find the courage to quit our jobs, sell our car, pack up our lives and buy our tickets to India to start our adventure.  My personal mission is to rediscover the things that motivate and energise me and  to create some lifelong memories along the way!!  Wish me luck…


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