Saying Goodbye to Thailand

Well, tonight Rob and I started packing up our studio apartment in Lampang. Sifting through the items brought back so many happy memories for me. It’s also made me realize that we really are heading for home and I hope that when our plane lands back in Heathrow next week that we’ll be able to hold onto the positivity that’s followed us everywhere on our travels.

At the end of June we found out the happiest of news, that the lovely bubble the two of us live in would soon grow to become big enough for three. This was not part of our master plan when we left the UK but I think deep down even before we left British shores I knew I wanted to have children and desperately hoped that one day it would be my turn to step up as a mum.

Back in the UK I had my perspectives all the wrong way around. I really believed that career was the most important thing, to the detriment of my happiness and health. My travels taught me how to relax a lot and not need to have everything planned out to the finest detail. The whole way along our journey we have never been in need of anything, we have always found friendly people and beautiful places, tasty food and bargains to suit our wants and needs. And incredibly we found perfect jobs. Without even really searching for them, it was as if they found us just at the right moment.

This new experience of life unfolding in a natural and perfect way has given me a belief that we can’t plan our lives in too much detail, for me anyway, to be happy I need to relax and let life unfold. The way the past 7 months have unfolded has been perfect. I am loved by the person I love most in the world and we are starting a family together.

Although it feels emotional to be leaving this tropical land, I am going to trust that life will continue to roll out a beautiful path for us. And I can’t wait to keep going on the adventure that will continue for us in the UK. And who knows, perhaps we will be heading off to explore more new lands in a couple of years.


Life is good. Relax and enjoy the process, follow your heart and good things will come.20140822_091652_Richtone(HDR) (4)


One thought on “Saying Goodbye to Thailand

  1. Hi Zoe, What a lovely statement to conclude the journey thus far. You’ve changed and seem to be glowing. I’m sure it will continue when you get back to the UK.

    There are a couple of things we have been thinking through over the last week and it would be good to explain them to you so you can think them through and let us know your thoughts.

    We have worked hard over the last couple of days and got your room totally empty! The cleaner is coming on Friday so everything is going ahead as planned!

    Just about to get up so can Skype you shortly if that is ok?

    Feeling a lot better tho still coughing. John ‘got it’ more as a bad cold, and the cough!

    Love to you both

    Mum X

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