“Drink up the Colours of India with your Eyes and Hold them in you Heart Forever”

These were the inspiring words of a great friend of mine as she wished me well on our adventure and her words of wisdom are just what I intend to do! To help me hold the colours of India in my heart forever, I’m taking my snazzy new camera along for the trip! Getting pictures of India and sharing them with you is something I just cannot wait to do!

The month of January has so far been fantastic. A frenzy of parties, phone calls, emails, meet ups and meals out with friends and family. All wishing us well for our travels and giving us lovely big hugs to keep us strong throughout the year.  I have seen so many of my favourite people all within a few weeks of each other. So to me, 2014 has been fantastic already!

With each gathering of special people completed I have thought to myself,  “that’s another thing crossed off the list, and so we’re one step closer to our plans becoming real life.” Jumbled in amongst these parties has been an incredibly long to do list including vaccines, visa applications, travel insurance and completing an online TEFL course. With so much to do it feels a little like we are playing a sort of adventure game. To win the game we need to wrap up life, leave friendships in good shape, leave our affairs in order and make sure we are able to begin our new life from a positive place. Right now I really do feel like we are winning at this game and hopefully that will continue at the other side of that 9:30pm flight to New Delhi!

Countdown till departure… five days left! So as you can imagine preparation is full steam ahead. With the space we used to call home now looking messy and unfamiliar, full of bags and boxes with pieces of furniture and treasured belongings missing. I feel like we have already let go of our safety and comfort here in the UK and are moving irreversibly towards day zero. The finishing line of leaving home will have passed.

Once we arrive at our first destination I can only imagine what will await us. From what I can gather we will be greeted by heat, noise, strange smells, traffic, cows, trains, and people… lots of people! All of this is obviously making me feel a tad nervous but I’ve been reassured by my well travelled friends that this is all part of the charm of India. Another friend advised that we take a step back, a deep breath and think about each little thing we need to do to get to where we want to (I’m guessing a taxi and a bed will be high priority!)


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