22 days till Delhi

My excitement to nervousness ratio is in constant flux. I swing between daydreams of the Kerala backwaters, street food and dreamy yoga retreats to anxiety border lining full blown panic that we are progressively packing up our lives into cardboard boxes, arranging meet ups for final farewells and finding new homes for my beloved pot plants!

Throughout my whole life I have been, like many people, challenged by change. So this all encompassing change is challenging me indeed!I’ve gone through many changes in life such as leaving a very comfortable job of 6 years because I was ‘too comfy’ and leaving friends and family in Manchester to try out Bristol as my home. I’m not usually someone who passes up an opportunity to try something new  and everytime I always go through the same routine. My routine is worry, a sort of sadness and then searching for courage.  But, once I take that leap I never look back. And this time I’m sure will be no different. Yes, the sanitation is going to be rough, I’m probably going to get the notorious ‘Delhi Belly’ and we probably will feel uncomfortable at times being the only Westerners on a crowded street. But, if the past is anything to go by, all of these challenges will be the things that are most valuable for unraveling our adventure and making sure we don’t look back , If for no other reason then we simply won’t have the time. We will be entirely immersed in each situation. I’m confident any boredom we may have felt over the past year will not be present in Delhi!!

A huge part of this trip is going to be acceptance of who I am and honesty about what is truly going to make me happy in life. And so, I embrace all of the emotions I’m experiencing at the moment. My excitement to nervousness ratio can fluctuate all it wants to. And I’m taking it as a sign that we’re on the right track about to have the adventure of a lifetime… fingers firmly crossed.


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