‘…and we will line his crib with broken glass and scorpions.’

Such a reassuring article for a new mummy who is happily bed sharing

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When you’re expecting a baby ‘they’ come out with a never ending tirade of advice, whether you want it or not. By ‘they’ I mean relatives, friends, neighbours, the checkout woman in Asda, the postwoman, friends of friends, coworkers, everyone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and your other half’s best friend’s boss. Basically everyone in the world has their own opinions on how to raise children, even those who have no children. Especially those who have no children.

Sleep is the one sticking point everyone disagrees with. We have a common aim: to achieve sleep, preferably a lot of it and desirably, all in one go. We like to call it ‘Sleeping Through The Night’ and it is achieved by going to sleep in the evening of one day and waking up in the morning of the next. Preferably after 6am. Desirably after 8am but let’s not get too ahead…

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