I’m back!

My last post was New Years Eve 2015 when I was pregnant with my first child. I had intended to write lots of posts about motherhood and what I was up to but as I’m sure happens to many mothers, I became a little busy!

When I stared Meach and the Giant Peach I was about to embark on an adventure. I had the opportunity to get distance from the life I’d been living and see how I really wanted to spend my days (read some previous posts for the back story). And I’m happy to say, 3 years on…

I’m still living a fulfilling life, and

I’m still following my heart.

Life has continued to evolve. I’m now mummy to TWO beautiful girls and  a pregnancy Yoga, baby massage and baby yoga teacher. I’m ready to share some of what I’m up to again.

As so much time has passed, I did consider starting a new blog altogether. But who I am now was shaped by where I’ve been before so it makes sense to continue my story.

I’ll talk motherhood, massage, yoga and pregnancy as well as anything else that feels relevant. I’m excited to get my creative outlet moving again…